Virgin Hair 101

Virgin Hair 101


  1. What is virgin hair?
  2. Why virgin hair is the best hair?
  3. How to tell real virgin hair?
  4. Is virgin hair worthy?
  5. Where to buy real virgin hair?
  6. Conclusion


What is virgin hair?

Unlike remy hair and non-remy hair, virgin hair is more original and healthier, and is the best hair on the market. It is cut from one donor, and the tips and roots of the hair are consistent and not upside down. The hair is not chemically treated, nor is it bleached, curled or permed. This is the only way to call it real virgin hair.


Why virgin hair is the best hair?

Based on what we said above, Virgin hair is not chemically treated or dyed, so it retains as much nutrients as possible. Healthier, stronger, does not get dried, and less likely to rip off. It also lasts much longer than non-remy hair. You can bleach and dye your hair as much as you want. How about bleaching it to #613 blonde color and then dyeing to any vibrant color or brown color? You determine.


How to tell real virgin hair?

Many sellers advertise falsely, and sell ordinary hair in name of virgin hair. Then how can you tell if the virgin hair you buy is really virgin hair or not? Simply put, there are several methods for you to practise.

First, from the feel, real virgin hair is heavy, while ordinary hair is generally light and airy.

Second, from the smell, when you straighten or curl the hair with electric flat irons or curlers, the hair will emit the healthy smell like our own hair, and will not emit any pungent chemical smell. If the high temperature can make it emit a pungent chemical smell, it is most likely to be mixed with chemical fiber hair.

Third, in terms of bleaching and dyeing, virgin hair allows you to bleach to color #613. If you buy virgin hair that does not allow you to bleach to #613 blonde color, then it must not really be virgin hair. Of course, the technique of bleaching and dyeing must be professional. Otherwise, you may not be able to get the ideal color due to improper operations.

Fourth, pick up the tip of your hair and check if there are black dots on the end of your hair, which are actually hair follicles. If yes, then it is not virgin hair, but ordinary non-remy hair.


Is virgin hair worth for the money?

Virgin hair is generally more expensive than normal hair, so is it worth the money? Imagine, ordinary hair can last for one year, virgin hair can last for two or three years, although it costs more money when you buy it, but the life span is much longer. Also, experience of using virgin human hair is much better than ordinary hair - smoother, easier to style, better effects, and the ability to bleach and dye to create infinite fashionable looks. Overall, virgin hair is worth for every penny you spend.


Where to buy real virgin hair?

The cost of virgin hair is relatively higher than ordinary hair. After it is made to virgin hair lace closures, virgin hair lace frontals, virgin hair wigs etc., the final price will definitely be higher than products made of the ordinary hair. So, don't just want the low price, the real virgin hair is the most important. Here are a few recommended real virgin hair products that you can buy with confidence, guaranteeing 100% virgin hair, guaranteeing that you can bleach to #613 color, and supporting authoritative testing. The main thing is that the price is not outrageous.


Virgin Hair Bundles

Made of 100% virgin hair, smooth and tangle-free, we recommend buying at least 3-4 bundles if you want to make a wig. Hair lengths from 12inch to 30inch are available.


Virgin Hair Frontals

100% virgin hair hand-knotted and made with the most natural HD lace, either make a wig with it or wear alone, you can have the most natural full front hairline. Hair density is 150% and hair lengths are available from 12inch to 20inch.


Virgin Hair Closures

Made with 100% virgin hair and HD lace by hand. Lace sizes are available in 4 "x4", 5 "x5" and 6 "x6 ". Hair density is 150% and hair length is available from 12inch to 20inch.



In conclusion, if you want to buy real virgin hair, don't just stick on the low price, but believe that you get what you pay for. Buying real virgin hair at an acceptable price is what you really want.

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