Things You Need to Know Before Buying a V Part Wig

If you haven’t try a v part wig this year, you must not know why it’s so hot now. According to Google Trends (image below), the search of this keyword has soared in the past nine months. So would you like to know more about v part wigs? Let’s straight to the topic quickly.

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What is a v part wig?

 v part wig cap design

A v part wig is a modified wig based on u part wigs with a v-shaped leave-out at the top which helps to create a realistic hair parting and front hairline. People also call it a v-shaped wig, v part wig no leave out or thin part wig.


Why choose v part wigs?

More natural. The design of v part wigs solves the problem of unnatural front hairline and hair parting. The wearer will reveal her own front hairline and hair parting, but not the wig cap. Therefore, it is more difficult to be found wearing a wig, which saves a lot of embarrassment. This is an important reason why many people would like to try a v part wig with human hair.


Glue-free healthy. Wearing v part wigs does not require any drop of glue at all, it is absolutely healthy and safe. There are some clips on the wig cap of v part wigs to help fix it, and you don't need to cover your hair with a cap first, so you can completely save the trouble of gluing. Those who are allergic to glue may wish to try v part wigs. Time to give your scalp a break.


Comfortable and breathable. Because you don’t need to cover your hair with a cap or glue on the scalp and there is an opening, it feels very breathable and comfortable to wear a v part wig. In hot and humid days, v part wigs can keep you cool all day long.


Time-saving. It can be said that wearing v part wigs really only takes a few minutes. Use clips to fix the v part wig on the head and style the it. Shake and go.


Money-saving. V part wigs are generally the machine made or most parts are machine made, so the price is generally cheaper. In times of high inflation, a dollar saved is a dollar. What's more, you save not only money for v part wigs, but also money for glue and glue remover.


After seeing so many advantages of v part wigs, what reason do you have not to try them?


How to install a v part wig?


install a v part wig
  1. You should prepare your own hair like cornrow, leaving a lock of hair at top and front hair.
  2. Fix the v part wig on your head by clips on the wig.
  3. Style your own hair at front.
  4. Part your own hair at top, one lock to the left, the other to the right.
  5. Style the two locks of hair at top.
  6. Comb your own hair to blend them well with the hair of the wig.
  7. Now you get a fabulous look with the v part wig – real hair parting and front hairline.


*Choose a v part wig with the similar hair texture as your own hair if your own hair are that easy to style. For example, if your own hair is more like kinky straight, order a kinky straight v part wig will be easy to style and look quite natural comparing to ordering a curly v part wig. But do as you wish if you are an expert on styling hair.

*If your own hair doesn’t lay down and blend well with the wig hair, try to use some spray or wax.


V Part Wigs vs U Part Wigs

So what’s the difference between v part wigs and u part wigs? They look similar but do have some distinctive difference. Take a look at the following comparision before making a decision between them.

V Part Wigs

U Part Wigs

V shaped opening

U shaped opening

Machine made + hand made

Fully machine-made

*Friendly to thinning hair

*Need thick hair at top

No glue needed when wearing

No glue needed when wearing

Time saving

Time saving

Price is usually cheap

Price is even cheaper

Natural hairline

Natural hairline

Natural parting

Natural parting


Will v part wig outright replace lace wigs?

Though v part wigs are so fabulous, they still can’t outright replace lace wigs. For those customers who has no hair or very short hair, they can’t fix the v part wig on their head. Therefore, they still need to wear full cap wigs like lace front wigs, full lace wigs, etc. For most people, wearing the right wigs on different occasions and seasons will make the life much comfortable.


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